The College Majors that Will Get You A Job

Ah, the college years.  Frat parties, initiation ceremonies, and general shenanigans.  With all of that entertainment, it’s a wonder many of us get through the experience with an education and degree in tow.  

While it may seem like four years of fun and games, a college degree is actually an essential part of setting recipients up for long-term career success.  Studies consistently show that college graduates receive higher pay, more advanced level jobs and a greater degree of career mobility than their high-school education only counterparts.  When it comes to receiving a college degree, however, not all areas of focus are created equal.  Certain degrees have a proven track record when it comes to launching your career or assisting in scoring high-level job offerings, straight out of school.  Whether you’re a current college student or a recent graduate looking to see where their prospects stack up, we’ve collected a list of common college majors that will help score you a job more quickly, efficiently and with greater prospects for advancement.  

Computers, Science and Mathematics

In our ever-growing technological world, it only makes sense that those with the greatest skills in manipulating and utilizing computers and related systems would garner some of the biggest educational paydays.  A broad category that could encompass a wide variety of career opportunities, understanding and optimizing the essential characteristics of a degree in computing, science, and math.  From developing and rolling out essential systems to providing a resource for quality control of integration with existing systems, degrees in Computing, Science and Math are likely to provide a foundational set of skills that employers can utilize across a variety of specific job titles.  

Software Engineering

Ever click on a phone app in order to access your email or push a button to set the temperature across your entire home?  Maybe you’ve utilized a sophisticated program at work in order to provide critical data reporting or other informational capabilities?  If so, welcome to a career path in which a degree in software engineering is a critical tool.  

Degrees in software engineering are in high demand thanks to the general public’s increasing need for sophisticated technology solutions that provide specific tasks in their daily lives, creating efficiencies and saving real-world time and resources in the performance of basic skills. From coffee makers to telephones to televisions to cars, software engineers can acquire a range of specialties that provide real benefits leading to increased job stability and the potential for growth and advancement.

Dental Hygiene

While none of us are particularly big fans of visiting the dentists, the reality of the situation is that we all have teeth which necessitates the need for a quality dental hygiene regimen.  A degree in dental hygiene is versatile, allowing for anything from an entry-level assistant position to setting qualified candidate’s up for more advanced education in dentistry.  If you’re looking for long-term job stability, there are few career fields more reliable than those involving bodily functions and essential services, such as dentistry, which all of us end up needing at some point.


We addressed computing and technological engineering previously in our list, but a degree in mechanical engineering shouldn’t be disqualified no matter how many computers our society ends up employing.  Bridges, buildings, sophisticated utilities and other services will continue to require the initial design services of a qualified engineer; not to mention ongoing maintenance and upkeep.  If you are the type that enjoys building or breaking down the underlying mechanisms that make our everyday tools tick, a degree in mechanical engineering may be both lucrative and rewarding personally.

We’ve listed just a few of the popular degree fields that could help land you a long-term, reliable and potentially lucrative job after college.  Thinking of exploring another title, major or area of study?  SimplyHired’s Salary Calculator and Job Search features can help you narrow down that specialization or field, setting candidates up for career success long before they’re ready to enter the actual job market.  

Article Updated from the Original on October 20, 2017