5 Career Books to Help Reinvent Your Personal Brand

It’s spring, which is the perfect time to refresh your personal brand. Identifying what makes you unique and learning how to promote yourself effectively can take you to your next career opportunity. Here is a round-up of books on personal branding that will help:

Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, by Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark has been recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press. In her book, Reinventing You she shares her branding expertise and gives guidelines on how to turn your unique strengths and personality into a compelling personal brand. This book is for the person who is ready for the next phase in their career and wants to elevate their personal brand. Plus, you’ll find interviews and anecdotes from famous personalities like Seth Godin, Mark Zuckerberg and Al Gore.

The Brand Called You: The Ultimate Personal Branding Handbook to Transform Anyone into an Indispensable Brand, by Peter Montoya and Tim Vandehey

The key concept of Peter Montoya and Tim Vandehey’s book The Brand Called You is that your company will be successful if you as an individual have a strong brand. With the goal of creating a personal brand to make more money with less work, The Brand Called You includes action plans and case studies that will treat your personal brand like a business. This book is the ultimate playbook for people in sales whose personal reputation is as important as their company’s reputation.

Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand, by William Arruda and Kirsten Dixon

According to a review from Susan Britton Whitcomb, the author of Job Search Magic, Career Distinction is the “bible on branding for your career.” The book is written by William Arruda, the founder of the first human branding consultancy, Reach, and by Kirsten Dixon, a self-proclaimed personal “Brand Biographer.” Career Distinction offers guidance on how to be memorable in today’s world where everyone is fighting for attention.

Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, by Dan Schwable

Me 2.0 was the No. 1 Career Book of 2009 and The New York Post labeled it a “Must Read.” Dan Schwable breaks down personal branding into four easy steps. Geared towards new grads trying to find their first job, Me 2.0 still has some useful tips for the experienced worker looking for new opportunities.

Your Network is Your Net Worth: Unlock the Hidden Power of Connections for Wealth, Success and Happiness in the Digital Age, by Porter Gale

This book will not only help you build your career, but fine-tune your personal brand. The first part of the book offers tools and exercises to help find your personal story. The second part of the book is how to make the right connections and develop rewarding relationships that ultimately elevate your personal brand. The third part of the book offers ideas on ways you can promote yourself and your personal mission.