The Best Part-Time Jobs To Get This Summer

Summer is a great time of year to grab a part-time job. Especially if you’re on vacation from school or looking to supplement your income. With that in mind here are some part-time jobs you can find on Simply Hired.

1. Rideshare Driver

Ridesharing is in vogue these days. So much so that most rideshare companies are also actively hiring. If you love to cruise around your town and don’t mind giving a ride to a stranger, a job with Lyft, Uber or Sidecar might be right for you.

Salary at Lyft: up to $35 per hour* according to Lyft’s website

Lyft jobs Uber jobs Sidecar jobs

2. Yoga Instructor

The bar to getting into working as a yoga instructor might seem high. But it’s not as difficult as it seems. Check out local yoga studios if you’re interested in becoming an instructor; most studios offer training courses. The average salary for an instructor is solid, and you can consider offering private lessons to make even more money per hour.

Average salary: $35,000

Yoga instructor jobs

3. Tutor

Whether it’s English, math, history or a second language, tutors are in demand and make good money. It’s a big bonus if you can tutor the SAT. Tutoring is a great opportunity whether you’re looking to tutor at the high school, college or training level.

Average salary: $42,000

Tutor jobs

4. Freelance writer 

With the rise of content marketing in the last decade, writers are more in-demand than ever. If you’re a writer and don’t mind working on a deadline, you should consider starting a freelance writing career. You’ll get to make your own hours and most likely get to work from home as well.

Average salary: $53,000

Freelance writer jobs

5. Bus and shuttle driver

As shuttling to offices becomes a more commonplace way to get cars off the highways, the demand for bus and shuttle drivers will continue to increase. Of the various jobs discussed here, bus drivers have the most additional training required. So before you apply, determine what license is required to operate the vehicle.

Average salary: $37,000

Bus driver jobs

6. Bartender

This can be a really fun job. How much it pays is determined by where you live. But bartenders are always in demand, especially if you live in a college town. The required training isn’t too extensive either.

Average salary: $41,000

Bartender jobs

7. Bank teller

If you can handle the responsibility of taking care of a bank’s money, then this is a great job. Plus, it pays well, and it’s always in demand.

Average salary: $33,000

Bank teller jobs

8. Dog walker

While walking dogs around the park may sound like fun, this job isn’t for everyone. If you’re not paying attention a dog can get away, pull you to the ground or both. But if you’re a dog lover and know how to handle animals then this can be a fun and rewarding job.

Average salary: $39,000

Dog walker jobs

9. Babysitter

It may sound like a simple high school job that you do on a random Saturday. But there’s a big demand for reliable, responsible babysitters. If you have younger siblings or have experience working with children, consider a babysitting job. It’s flexible, and it pays well.

Average salary: $23,000

Babysitting jobs


10. Airbnb Host

While it isn’t exactly a part-time job, if you’re looking for some extra cash, then consider registering as an Airbnb host. It’s easy to do and only requires some cleaning and handing over the keys. If you have a space to sleep that you can spare, seriously consider Airbnb as an income supplement.