Best Jobs If You Want A Flexible Schedule

Accepting a contract position can be the perfect solution when you need flexibility or immediate income. Working on a contract basis can also be a helpful option when you are not sure which route you want to take professionally and you want to try a couple options to see what suits you. Contract jobs frequently offer competitive pay rates, but unless you are in the medical field you will find that few offer benefits.

Contract or consulting work is a great way to take on side or seasonal jobs, to ease your way into a new locality or to create a more flexible schedule to juggle the needs of child or family care. Telecommuting has made contract work an even more available and attractive option because for some jobs, contractors don’t even need to be in the same regions as their organizations.

Contractors need to be aware of their tax status because there are a variety of ways that contract workers get paid. You need to know whether your employer is deducting funds to cover what you owe for state and federal taxes (through a W-2 form) or whether the onus is on you to do that bookkeeping and pay your taxes at the end of the year (on a 1099 form). Whatever setup your employer uses, know your responsibility going into it so that you don’t get blindsided by an unexpected bill at the end of the year. The IRS offers guidelines to clarify your obligations

Registered Nurses

One core benefit of a nursing degree is that nurses are in demand across the country. It’s no surprise that there is also a widespread need for contract nurses. Traveling nursing are contractors who visit patients in a wide range of settings. They may spend some of their time at a particular hospital and also pick up some hours at patients’ homes or perhaps at a facility such as a nursing home or even a prison. There are also contract nurses who may take on assignments such as a three-month stint as a hospital or a nine-month gig as a school nurse. Unlike other contract jobs, contract nursing positions frequently come with attractive medical benefits packages, 401K plans, and they may even include housing benefits, and signing bonuses.

Software Developer, Applications

There are an array of opportunities for professionals with the experience and credentials to work as software developers. Professionals open to filling these roles on a contract basis get the chance to enjoy a hands-on position in a thriving industry without being tied down to a particular company or location. There are scores of opportunities for those interested in working remotely, as well as on-site positions. Most have very competitive salaries, but few offer medical or other benefits. Many postings indicate that the length of the contract is likely to be expanded and some note the possibility that the contract position may lead to a permanent job.     

Business Intelligence Analyst

Use your analytical skills and business acumen to help companies create and advance their systems. There are plenty of opportunities to join teams that are doing exciting work in a variety of different fields around the U.S. There are a wide range of contract positions available, including stints as brief as three months and positions that are available for five years or longer. Although few positions have benefits, many have opportunities for eventual long-term positions.    

Information Technology Project Manager

Use your IT management skills to refine and finalize organizations’ technological infrastructure. Your efforts will have a tremendous impact, and the experience will refine your expertise in this vital field. In addition to consulting positions, there are also contract-to-hire opportunities that may include benefits.   

  • Number of Jobs: 57,000
  • Average Salary: $81,000
  • IT jobs

Medical and Health Services Manager

There are a wide range of responsibilities that come with this role, and all require a seasoned leader who knows the industry and who can quickly engender the trust and support of his or her team. This is one of the few contract positions that is likely to include medical benefits and may also include lodging and bonus pay.   

Contract work can be liberating and resume-building. It offers consultants an insider’s perspective on various companies and builds an interpersonal and professional savvy that is valuable and easily transferable. If you are ready to try your hand as a contractor, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you.