Tech Jobs Increase Across US, Bay Area Employment at All-time High

The San Francisco Bay Area is known for housing a host of things: the Golden Gate Bridge, the Giants, Redwood trees and a ton of technology jobs. The number of tech jobs can be attributed to the Bay Area serving as the headquarters to Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Salesforce, just to name a few. To say the Bay Area is enjoying growth in tech jobs isn’t much of a headline. However, today the region is reaching record levels of employmentThis has as much to do with technology as any other industry. The continued tech boom in the Bay coincides with continued growth of tech jobs around the country.

Each month Simply Hired takes a look at our data to find insights into employment trends around the U.S. During November job openings increased in 11 of the top 25 largest metro areas in the US. The largest gains were in Tampa and St. Petersburg (2.48 percent) and the San Francisco Bay Area (1.98 percent). Technology led all industries with a 6.35 percent increase. Technology also led all industries in the Bay Area in terms of job growth.

Early in November the San Jose Mercury News reported the Bay Area was poised to reach all-time high levels of employment, breaking records set in the previous dot-com boom. This growth, it reported, was because of the current technology renaissance. This accomplishment stands as “testament to the Bay Area’s ability to overcome the calamities of the tech bust, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, corporate scandals, and, most recently, the Great Recession.”  This trend looks to continue.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Google is continuing to expand its offices, this time into Bay Area city of Redwood City, while Box and RingCentral also plan to expand their offices in the region. The growth of tech in the city of San Francisco proper has disrupted the traditionally financial-centric downtown area, with more and more office buildings now housing tech companies.

“It’s going to continue, and it’s going to be more and more difficult to hire very skilled IT professionals because at this point you’re hiring them away from your competitors,” said Dakin Gunn, Robert Half’s director of permanent placement services in San Francisco.

Today Simply Hired shows the top hiring tech companies in the Bay Area are Apple, Google, Oracle, IBM and Intel.

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