7 Jobs for People Who Want to Work in Tech But Aren’t an Engineer

We already know about those high-paying tech jobs such as software developer and computer programmer. But what if you love the innovation of the tech sphere but lack the technical background?

Worry not. From start-ups to big tech brands, the tech industry welcomes a vast variety of skills and occupations. In addition to data scientists and software engineers, many companies also hire for:

Social media manager, $57,000

Tweet, share, repost and advertise your company’s great technological advancements and latest products. This job requires a great online presence, mastery of analytics and marketing savvy and no computer science degree. This is a perfect opportunity if you enjoy and excel at engaging with a community online and want to be an advocate for a tech company’s products and services.

Account manager, $54,000

Where there are customer relationships there are account managers. Instead of Java or PHP skills, this role demands interpersonal skills, communication and a customer-oriented mindset. As an account manager, you help customers meet their goals, support the sales team and manage relationships to ensure customer retention. People who are interested in sales, marketing and customer-facing experience will do well in this role.

Graphic designer, $51,000

For those of you with artistic backgrounds who see technology beyond the incomprehensible lines of code, consider becoming a graphic designer. Although you don’t need to know how to write code, graphic designers must be familiar with software programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. In this role you can bring tech to life by creating digital or print assets using knowledge of typography, layout and the latest design trends.

Technical recruiter, $64,000

Perhaps you are inspired by technology but deep down are still all about the people. If you have a knack for reading others, can help your organization find great hires and want to help people discover and grow their careers, then you would shine as a technical recruiter. All you need is a mix of sales and negotiation skills, an understanding of requirements for certain technical positions and a friendly demeanor.

Project manager, $70,000

Project managers who work in the tech industry focus on delivering and launching projects, allowing them to be involved in the technology without needing technical skills. They aim to meet deadlines for projects while staying within budget. If you are interested in this role, you’ll need leadership experience, communication skills, the ability to manage and plan complex projects and problem-solving ability.

Technical writer, $52,000

As a technical writer, you inform consumers and customers about products and technology through instruction manuals, online help and the like. Technical writers take technical jargon and transform it into consumable language that the layperson can understand. Although having a background in engineering or computer science is beneficial, the main requirements are written communication skills as well as a thorough understanding of the audience and product or technology.

Customer support representative, $56,000

When technology doesn’t work the way it’s intended to, customers seek a customer support representative. If you enjoy solving problems while helping others, consider this role. In the tech sphere, you not only take care of customers, but you also work alongside engineers and product managers to help resolve issues. This job requires the ability to put customers at ease, address problems quickly and interpersonal and communication skills.

All salaries via Simply Hired’s salary estimator.