5 Ways to Invest Your Tax Refund in Your Career

How are you planning to spend your tax refund this year? Here’s a thought: Invest it back into your career. A new outfit or the latest tech gadget sounds attractive now, but investing in your career will be more valuable to you in the long run. If you’re feeling stumped on how you can invest in your professional growth, here is a list of five ways to spend your tax refund to benefit your career.

Hire a Career Coach

Ranging from $100-$500 an hour, a career coach is similar to a personal trainer. He or she is there to help you bust through career plateaus and reach your long-term goals. A career coach will keep you accountable and motivate you to be disciplined when making choices concerning your professional growth. A coach can help you lay out a plan if you’re looking to change industries or are working towards a promotion.

Take a Class

If what’s standing in your way is a certain skill, invest your tax refund in taking a class. There are so many online classes that can teach you everything from coding to social media marketing. If you like face-to-face interaction, you can take a course at the local community college or through a college’s extended studies program.

Read a Career Book

If you’re looking to boost your professional and personal growth, a few good books are the perfect investment. Check out topics that you’re interested in and let the knowledge soak in. The right career book can change your mindset and energy, motivating you to do more in your career. If you need recommendations on good career books, check out these 5 Career Books You Must Read.

Take a Trip

Sound too fun to be actually benefit your career? Going on an adventure to a place you’ve never been will make you see the world with a new perspective and increase your creativity. If you’re feeling burned out or need a unique solution to a business problem, it’s probably time for a vacation. Take a break from work to experience new scenery, and come back fresh with new and innovative ideas.

Attend a Conference

Attending a conference is the best way to invest in your career. Not only are you learning and sharing new strategies, concepts and trends in your industry, but it’s filled with tons of networking events. It can be expensive to attend, so it might be worthwhile to let your manager know that you’re interested in a certain conference. If your company thinks it’s valuable, it might pay for part of your ticket, if not all of it.

Upgrade Your Work Style

If you really want to spend your tax refund on new clothes, spend it on upgrading your work wardrobe. There are tons of ideas online on appropriate, stylish business attire for every role. The cliche, “Dress for Success” is very true, and investing in a few key pieces for your work wardrobe will impress your colleagues.

This list should spark some of your own ideas on how you can invest your tax refund in your career. Whatever you decide to do with your tax refund, think it through and spend it wisely.