5 Unique Jobs Now Hiring and How Much They Pay

Travel is enriching because it takes us out of our day-to-day routine. It gives us the chance to see different locals and to meet new people. During my recent traveling adventures, I was particularly mindful of the unique and interesting jobs that people were doing when I met them. I found myself repeatedly thinking: “I wonder what that job is like.”   

Here are some of the professions that I looked up as soon as I returned.

Music Minister

Average Salary: $48,330

A strong music program is a key component of a church, synagogue, temple, or house of worship. It adds depth and richness to the congregation’s religious experience, and it keeps them coming back. Spiritually engaging people through music is an interesting job that often requires working with children, teens and adults alike. Music ministers typically work nontraditional hours, which gives them time to supplement their income with other gigs–a convenient setup for musicians.   

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Average Salary: $61,000

Brew masters are at the helm of a booming business. They help create and refine craft brew recipes that have changed the way Americans enjoy beer. Brew masters ensure that each batch is just right and develop future brews. There is great interest in this field, and those artisans versed in the trade can often find side jobs as instructors.  

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Average Salary: $21,068

In addition to assisting with basic upkeep and maintenance of clothing, these skilled artisans may also be contracted to create special garments such as costumes and occasion dresses. The DIY boom has also seen crafty amateurs aiming to hone their skills by hiring a professional to teach them the basics. There is plenty of room for an energetic entrepreneur to parlay this skill set into a bustling business.   

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Toll Collector

Average Salary: $22,541

A solitary but fast-paced job, toll collectors are stationed on highways, bridges and other high volume collection points throughout the country. They are responsible for receiving, counting and invoicing funds. Especially during peak times, they have to make sure that they are on their toes to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

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Emergency Room Nurse

Average Salary: $57,000

ER nurses have truly seen it all. Some skills they bring to the table include making sound judgements in an often chaotic work environment. They also help set an emotional tone of calm and cool in an environment that is frequently stressful. ER nurses have to be excellent team players who know how to treat patients empathetically and with medical expertise. From dog bites to car accidents, there is seldom a dull moment in the emergency room.

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