5 Fun Jobs That Haven’t Even Crossed Your Mind

“I don’t want my job to be fun,” said no one, ever. The average person spends at least 40 hours a week at their job, so why shouldn’t your job be fun? I’m sure you’ve already heard that just because it’s work, doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

What exactly makes a job fun? This is definitely subjective, but a common thread of all fun jobs is the ability to be creative and make others happy. Check out the jobs below that employers have described as the most.

Retail Managers

From curating store window displays to helping a customer make the perfect purchase, a retail manager position would be the most fun for someone who loves to shop. You already have the shopper’s mindset, so why not use your insight and skills to make money? Your main responsibility is curating the ultimate shopping experience to ensure maximum revenue and smooth store operations.


If you spend most of your time in the kitchen or daydream of fixing up delicious meals, you should definitely consider becoming a cook. Cooks are not only needed in restaurants, but anywhere from health care facilities, country clubs, hotels and corporate offices. You’ll be working in a fast­paced environment with the opportunity to make people happy with your tasty creations.

  • Average salary: $30,000
  • Number of jobs that claim to be fun: 27,000
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Software Developers

Do you find yourself thinking, “That would be a great app!” more than once a day? You can learn the skills to make your idea come to life by becoming a software developer. If solving problems creatively and working on a computer sounds fun to you, this job will surely keep you happy. Also, software developers are in high demand at a lot of tech companies with company perks like catered lunches and dog-­friendly offices.

Speech Language Pathologists

A speech language pathologist role would be the most enjoyable if you are an excellent communicator and problem­ solver. Your main responsibility is diagnosing and treating patients with speech and language disorders. If you’re up for the challenge, speech language Pathologists need a master’s degree to work in most states.

Hairdressers, Hairstylists and Cosmetologists

Do your friends ask you for advice on all things make­up and hair? If you consider yourself a beauty guru and enjoy making others look their best, becoming a hairdresser, hairstylist or cosmetologist can be in your future. You’ll have the option to work steady hours at a salon or freelance with your own hours, but the responsibility to develop your own clientele. This job is what you make of it. If you’re intrigued, you must attend a state ­approved cosmetology program.