5 Cities That Need to Hire Nurses Fast

The field of nursing is well-known for offering fulfilling, challenging and flexible career options across the country and around the world. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the growing increase of nursing jobs available (an average increase of 6.17 percent between June and July 2015), here’s a look at the top five United States cities with available jobs in the nursing field in July 2015.

1. Los Angeles, California

A nurse in Los Angeles is in high demand and can expect to earn an average salary of $55,000 depending on the company, industry and experience. Nurses in Los Angeles are also located close to the UCLA School of Nursing and several other higher education facilities that offer nursing specialty programs.

  • Number of jobs: 14,937
  • Percentage of total jobs: 8%
  • Job growth since 2014: 9%

Top healthcare employer in the Los Angeles area: USC

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2. New York, New York

Nurses in New York can expect to earn an average salary of $58,000. Nurses located in the city are also close to several notable nursing schools, providing a wide range of professional development and education opportunities. This connection to opportunity is further supported by the city’s large amount of hospitals, providing nurses a wide variety of employment and partnership opportunities.

  • Number of jobs: 12,525
  • Percentage of total jobs: 4%
  • Job growth since 2014: 5%

Top healthcare employer in the New York area: Barnabas Health

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3. San Francisco, California

Depending on experience and place of employment, San Francisco nurses can expect an average salary of $66,000. With the UC-San Francisco School of Nursing and San Francisco State University School of Nursing located nearby, nurses in San Francisco won’t need to worry about networking and education opportunities within the city.

  • Number of jobs: 11,947
  • Percentage of total jobs: 6%
  • Job growth since 2014: 5%

Top healthcare employer in the San Francisco Bay area: Kaiser Permanente

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4. Dallas, Texas

In the Dallas-Forth Worth area, nurses earn an average salary of $50,000 and enjoy proximity to several nursing schools and colleges.

  • Number of jobs: 9,491
  • Percentage of total jobs: 8%
  • Job growth since 2014: 3%

Top healthcare employer in the Dallas area: Texas Health Resources

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5. Houston, Texas

An average salary of $50,000 welcomes nurses in Houston, as well as two major colleges with excellent nursing programs: University of Texas School of Nursing and A&M University College of Nursing.

  • Number of jobs: 9,318
  • Percentage of total jobs: 10%
  • Job growth since 2014: 0.4%

Top healthcare employer in the Houston area: HCA

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