5 Astounding Perks at Jobs You’ve Never Considered

When most candidates are considering applying for a new position, or even accepting an offer, they often ask to review the employee manual and benefits package as part of their well-considered decision-making process.  Health insurance, paid time off, parental leave, and even the ability to work remotely are all common considerations.

These types of employment package inclusions are all well and good, but some employers go above and beyond when it comes to keeping up morale and providing an attractive workplace.  Benefits are one thing but perks, well those are worthy of posting to your Instagram account about. Check out these five astounding perks at jobs you’ve never considered to see how some employers are definitely extra in rewarding their top talent.

Here are five examples of companies offering experience-heavy perks:

1. Unlimited Free Gourmet Meals

Company: Gotham Bar and Grill

Sure, your company may let you order from Seamless if you’ve been in the office for 10 plus hours.  If you work at Gotham Bar and Grill, however, a gourmet meal is part and parcel. Every day this upscale restaurant serves its employees a special meal from the menu before their shift even begins.  Not a bad way to begin a workday if we do say so ourselves.

2. Drive the Boss’s Porsche

Company: InDemand Interpreting

Ever seen your company’s executive parking space and been envious over the luxury sports car that occupies the spot?  At InDemand Interpreting, well-performing employees can claim the car for their own, for an afternoon at least. Employees that go above and beyond are rewarded with the ability to drive the CEO’s Porsche Boxster to lunch in an event dubbed the “Box Lunch”.

3. Beer and Burritos in the Break Room

Company:  SendGrid

SendGrid touts on its website the fact that companies trust their service to send over 45 billion marketing emails a month.  It takes a dedicated staff to get that kind of traffic turned around. To fuel it’s workforce, fridges are kept fully stocked with beer and freshly baked gourmet cookies are a staple.  If the addition of free burritos in the break room doesn’t tickle your fancy, weekly yoga classes and free gym memberships round out the list of kickass perks at this connectivity powerhouse.

4. Free Flights for Your Travel Buddies

Company: Southwest Airlines

It seems as if Southwest Airlines is a perennial contender on nearly every “Best Place to Work” list.  It’s easy to see why when not only do you get to fly yourself free of charge but your friends and family along with you.  Given the cost of tickets nowadays, this is one perk that can add up fast and makes vacation planning all the more exciting.  

5. Six Months of Paid Leave to Do Whatever You Want

Company: Deloitte

Every company has some form of vacation or leave policy.  Accounting and finance powerhouse Deloitte takes this perk to the next level.  Long-term employees are awarded varying lengths of paid out of office time. After several years you’ll qualify for a six-month vacation where you’ll still get compensated 40% of your salary.  This is on top of their generous parental leave and normal vacation packages. Get paid to sit on a beach and drink maithais? Where do we sign up?

Article Updated from the Original on November 16, 2018