4 Resolutions for a Better Job

You may be reading this thinking “hey, Simply Hired, it’s barely Fall, what gives with the resolutions.”  Sure, pumpkin spiced everything hit the shelves in August and we’re pretty sure we saw elves suiting up to decorate trees at the local hardware store, but it’s our article that caught you unawares?

The truth of the matter is that there’s no time like the present to start resolving to up your employment game.  In fact, with many hiring processes taking 90 days or more, now is the best time to start planning for a career switch or upgrade in 2019.  We’re not talking general resolutions to “get better” or “try harder”. Those generic wishful-thinking type goals are about as useful to actually meeting your goals as a holiday candy blowout on January 2nd.  

For real change and success with your career, candidates should consider setting concrete goals and deadlines and identifying action items that will make a real difference in the coming year.  If we can color you intrigued, keep on reading for four solid resolutions for finding a better job, today or in the new year.

1) Lose Weight

Now before you start hounding on the whole “but I thought you weren’t going to talk about those goals” bandwagon, hear us out.  Whether after a festive drink and food-filled holiday season or to kick off a job search at any time of the year, starting a new routine to help shed and tone is a great idea for career success.  It’s been proven that a regular exercise routine boosts mood and cognitive function as well as giving you a healthy dose of extra energy. All of these qualities will serve you well when it comes time to buckle down and search for a new gig.

In addition to the physical weight, you may also want to give the metaphorical a good ole kick to the curb.  Take inventory on habits that may be excessive in your daily routine and take up unnecessary amounts of your time.  Give your resume a thorough review as well and throw away outdated experience or other info that may weigh you down.  Make room for relevant experience for a lighter, fresher new professional you.

2) Save More

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we hear you.  We’ve given you two goals so far that seem to be very un job search related.  But never fear; at Simply Hired we always have your best interests in mind. Saving up a few dollars now can give you a huge confidence boost when it comes time to make a career shift.  Having a decent savings account allows you the mental, and monetary, space to feel free to make a career shift for love and not for money. In addition, if you suspect layoffs or have dire needs to leave without job security, tightening those purse strings can help with stability while you search out a new gig.

Need something to do with your time instead of spending it on fancy dinners out?  Why not pick up an online certification course or community college program that’s relevant to advancing your career?  Not only will you save money, but you’ll likely also end up earning more from the additions to your professional skill set.

3) Drop Bad Habits

Before you start rolling your eyes, you should have learned by this point in the article to hear us out.  Whether personal or professional in nature, bad habits weigh on your ability to achieve and excel. In your personal life, consider streamlining your daily schedule and ditching things that cause you to procrastinate or put off looking for that new job of your dreams.

When it comes to professional habits, many of us often don’t realize that we’ve picked up a few poor practices on our way to career success.  Try cleaning out your inbox daily or weekly and consider adopting an office to-do list. Check in with your team often to ensure you and they are on task and pretty soon you’ll have a reputation for being a go-getter and an employee that any company would be lucky to have on staff.

4) Volunteer More

Last but not least, when it comes to resolutions few can match the impact that giving back can have on a person’s mental and career health.  From a personal perspective, volunteering your time towards a good cause is often a large confidence booster and can help develop focus and purpose.  Try giving a small portion of your time to a local not for profit and you’ll experience a large boost in mood and appreciation for what you currently have in your life.

From a professional perspective, there are plenty of volunteer activities you can engage in that will not only allow you to feel good but will also reap career rewards.  If your alma mater has a counseling or mentorship program, consider signing yourself up to the list. Engaging with up and coming youngsters will not only stimulate new ideas and excitement, but it can often also lead to networking opportunities with other mentors in the program.  Last but not least, plenty of companies offer volunteer opportunities for their current staff. At these events, all levels of management often work together on a common task which improves overall morale and helps those above you on the corporate ladder see the positive qualities you are made up of.

As you prep for the upcoming holidays and New Year celebrations, why not pencil in some time for early career resolutions.  Getting a head start on a new, professional, you, is never a waste of time. At the very least you’ll have a head start on eliminating debt, getting those six pack abs and giving back way before the rest of the pack.

Article Updated from the Original on September 20, 2018