11 Jobs That Secretly Celebrate Mother’s Day Every Day

The proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” is so frequently used that it has become a cliché. Yet it points to the many influences and caregivers children encounter on their journey to adulthood—doctors, nurses, daycare providers, schoolteachers, babysitters, coaches, tutors, camp counselors and all the rest of the people who directly impact a child’s life.

But what about the woman who plays a large role in making sure the child is fed, clothed and gets to school, practice or camp? In honor of Mother’s Day, we’d like to introduce a new proverb: “It takes a village to support a mother.”

Most jobs in some way impact the life of a mother. As you celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, think about all the mothers that your job directly or indirectly impacts.

Here at Simply Hired we’re proud to say that we help people find jobs, and many of those people are mothers. After all, women make up more than half the population, and the majority of women give birth. The jobs that mothers find using Simply Hired help keep roofs over the heads and food in the refrigerators of families all around the world, and many of these jobs done by others make mothers’ lives easier as well.

Here are a few jobs that mothers couldn’t live without.

Truck Driver

Your truck might transport food, clothing, furniture or other items that mothers buy for themselves and their families.

Truck Driver Jobs

Gas Station Attendant

Mothers have to drive their kids everywhere. Without gas, they wouldn’t get very far.

Gas Station Jobs

Retail Clerk

How many mothers walked through the checkout line today? By helping a mother find a missed item or giving her a smile, you could set off a ripple effect that trickles all the way down to how she treats her children. 

Retail Clerk Jobs


When a mother works all day and helps her kids with homework at night, a clean home is a major bonus. 

Housekeeper Jobs


Chemists formulate products that mothers buy and use on regular basis, such as soap, shampoo, cleaning products and baby wipes. 

Chemist Jobs

Auto repair and auto manufacturing

Mothers need cars to get to work, get their kids to school and take vacations.

Auto Repair Jobs and Auto Manufacturing Jobs

HR administrators

Advocating for parent-friendly policies and parental leave helps mothers give better care to their children.

HR Administrator Jobs

Social media manager

If your company serves women in any way, helping mothers find and share information about business, children or the home makes life easier.

Social Media Manager Jobs


For many mothers, libraries are a lifeline. Libraries not only help mothers entertain and educate their children, they help mothers learn about parenting and provide women with entertainment and lifelong learning opportunities.

Librarian Jobs

Civil engineers

Community planning often revolves around schools, hospitals and parks. Most public structures that are built to serve the community serve mothers, too.

Civil Engineer Jobs


Whether it’s an office building that will employ mothers, a home where a family will live or a shopping complex where mothers will provide for their families, most construction jobs in some way will support a mother.

Construction Jobs

The list could go on and on. If you’re a mother, we salute you. If not, take a moment to consider how many mothers your job touches.