10 Reasons Why Your Office Should Sneak Out to See Star Wars

The countdown is on. Fans are eagerly awaiting Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opening on Friday, December 18. One small problem: You will be at work for the afternoon showings.  

Sure, you could call in sick or sneak out claiming that you have a doctor’s appointment or that you have a repair person coming to fix your hot water heater, but feeding your boss some line doesn’t jive with the seasoned pro you have become. You are excited about this, and you want your boss to view this as a cultural event and a potential team-building experience, not just for you, but for your entire unit (assuming your team is comprised of Star Wars fans).

Read on to learn our top ten reasons leaving work to see Star Wars may prove good for you and, perhaps, your entire team:

  • It will keep you well-versed in the cultural milieu of American popular culture. You need your fingers on that pulse to stay relevant.
  • Having this cultural background will help you communicate more meaningfully with your audience, clients and/or customers.
  • It will be team-building (provided your team shares your enthusiasm for Star Wars and you have done the legwork to get them on board with your vision).
  • Star Wars tickets and a couple hours off to see the film could make the perfect holiday gifts for staff members.  
  • If the team is game, you can propose this Star Wars outing in place of a holiday party. It’s easier, requires minimal preparations and no clean up.
  • Your boss will go down in her/his team’s memory as the greatest leader of all times. Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated, but this could be an easy way to build morale and show the team some appreciation for their hard work.
  • Don Draper went to the movies all the time during work hours to get his creative juices flowing. Surely, if it works for a fictional television character it can work for your team.
  • You could have just come up with some silly excuse, but you wanted to do it right and involve your team and your boss.
  • It’s Star Wars!
  • “Yes” is the answer you are looking for (see if the Jedi mind trick works in the affirmative. I’ve been trying for years with mixed results).

Good luck, and may the force be with you.