Sell Yourself with a Resume Objective

First impressions are highly important, especially when it comes to the job hiring process. Your resume objective is the first thing that your would-be employer sets his or her eyes on; therefore, it could be what determines whether you get an interview or not. You should make sure to write a solid and captivating statement.

What is a resume objective?

Well, a resume objective statement is a short and concise statement meant to list your goals in relation to working at the company you’re applying to. Basically, it is the bait that attracts attention to your resume and determines whether an employer will continue to read your resume or toss it in the trash. However, writing a resume objective is optional.

Nevertheless, writing a good resume objective is very important if you want to increase your chances of getting hired. Relatively speaking, your resume objective should not be focused on your particular needs, but rather, it should be primarily focused on the needs of the company.

Instead of writing a self-centered objective statement such as: “Seeking job as receptionist”. Try to write something that sounds like you are easy to work with and make a great addition to any working environment such as: “Flexible and confident manager with years of expertise supplying guidance and management in consumer electronic companies”. You want to show employers you are easygoing and are are willing to perform a variety of tasks.

Here are some tips on how to write a great resume objective.

1. Pay attention to adjectives

There is a high probability that you have made a mistake with adjectives at some point in your life. When writing your resume objective, make sure to leave out adjectives such as: successful, progressive, fun, exciting and so forth because it can make a huge difference. For example: “Looking for a successful company to work at”. The issue with this statement is that it makes a possible employer think: “Successful” opposed to what? Obviously, everyone wants to work at a successful company; therefore, making the term “successful” unnecessary.

2. Think of the company’s needs instead of your own

Your goal when writing a resume objective is to demonstrate what you can offer to a company. Instead of focusing on yourself, focus on the needs of the corporation. For example: “Seeking job where I can bring my marketing skills to better improve the business”. In this sentence, you explained what you can bring to the company and what your future goals are. Also, instead of saying something like “my career” or “my advancement,” think about the company instead, for example: “The company’s improvement”.

3. Stay away from overused phrases

Nothing ruins your chances of landing a job more than using cliché phrases such as: “I want to better improve the company”, or, “I am looking to utilize my skills”, in your resume objective. A good rule of thumb is that if the statement has been used before it’s better to leave it out of your statement. Instead, try to come up with something original and cutting edge.

4. Be specific

Vague writing is an absolute no-no when writing a resume objective. If you are answering to a detailed job description, make sure to include details in your statement such as what position you are interested in. For example: “Seeking position as a retail manager at a computer goods company”.

Your resume objective is very important, and although it is not necessary, you should definitely add it to your resume because paying attention to the details makes a big difference to employers.

Jose Sanchez has been a resume writer and career adviser since 1999. He writes and shares content related to resume writing, job interview questions and cover letters.